Wednesday, July 8, 2009


If there were time, I would tell you a tale,
an epic drawn from the well of dreams.
But time is too short for a proper saying.

It would take three lifetimes to locate the syntax
for floating that world on a current of words.
It would take unheard voices to carry the subtle tune.

If there were space, I'd spread it before you,
a carpet embroidered with glyphs and old runes.
But space is for moving and not for confessing.

It would take three lifetimes to gather the colors,
to master the lines and angles and shapes.
It would take all my power to paint her image.

If there were a God, I'd whisper in heaven
to angels encircling this teller of tales.
But God only watches, and angels don't listen.

It would take three lifetimes to capture her eyes,
blue crystals pulsing on a surface of thought.
It would take me to bedlam to tell such a tale.

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