Saturday, July 18, 2009


I see them...everybody's nice, regular-duty pets. Men with loving, obedient dogs at their heels. Nice, dumb cats just being themselves.


Had a dog years back that broke my nose. Had a cat that was schizophrenic. Got a dog now that thinks I'm a dangerous lunatic. And I'm pretty sure my current cat is my reincarnated grandmother.

Go figure.


  1. Hahaha! Reincarnated Gran indeed! :P

  2. :)Tim .. Granma watching ..lolz

    A haiku I wrote about a cat

    Black Beauty

    Bewitching iridescent emerald eyes

    Black feline beauty of sinuous grace

    Purrs, cuddles in my arms

  3. Oh, yes, I remember that haiku! It is marvelous.

    And the thing about my cat: it's less that my grandma is critically scrutinizing my behavior through cat eyes, than that we both washed ashore on Crazy Earth Island...and are just keeping one another company until some kind of sense breaks through.

  4. my cat and my dog
    burried in my garden
    pushing up dandy lions

  5. Hey, Ed. That's a good one. A haiku with a word-jolt at the end.