Saturday, July 18, 2009

my friend

She lives in Serbia,
and I imagine all the flowers
of that land are blooming
a dark Novalis blue.

She lives in Serbia,
and I can't reach her.
But she is the only one
who knows me.

In one of her pictures,
she is open and curious,
amused, at least I think.
It's hard to tell with Buddhas.

The next picture's cool.
She looks like a bandit
about to rob a bank
that hordes too many dreams.

And then she is a goddess.
That look would disarm armies.
By turns, she looks seductive,
yet also self-effacing.

Finally, the rebel.
I've never been so free.
I've never been so giving.
She could teach me worlds.


  1. Tim, lot of empathy. No, my friend doesn't live in Serbia, but he is the one who knows me :)

  2. Well BLESS my suspenders!...that's just dandy. You're too neat and nice to deserve anything less! :)