Friday, July 10, 2009

my hero

Get a load of that face. That's my favorite pianist, Alfred Brendel. That face says it all. I'm gonna practice trying to look like that. Mr. Brendel is big on Dada. It's kind of the mental mirror with which he reflects himself back to the world. And he's right. Life is inexplicable, downright absurd. Yep, that look of poised irony on his face says it all for me.

I have six CDs of his Beethoven piano sonatas. One of them contains a breathtaking performance of the "Waldstein." On another disc, his "Diabelli Variations" is monumental, perfect. I also treasure a CD of the Schubert piano "Impromtus," as well as one containing Franz's last three -- and great -- piano sonatas. For the curious, here's a link to Mr. Brendel's website: Alfred Brendel -- Home

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