Thursday, July 9, 2009

Down with Section377(IPC):Equality For ALL (by Tikuli Dogra)

[This is from Tikuli's blog Spinning a Yarn of Life . She gave me her kind permission to reproduce an excerpt here. I think the issue raised is important for reflection not only in India but the world over. And I encourage following the link to her blog, where the entire, wonderful essay can be read. While there, check out her other thoughtful writings on a range of topics...and don't miss her poetry!]

Are we ready to accept that it is not just sexual needs but emotional bonding, love and caring which is a big part of any relationship between two individuals and that all these people also have a right for such bonding. There is a great need to understand that homosexuality is not just sex it is a bond between two souls. There is lot of pain, turmoil, sadness, confusion for all LGBT people due to lack of emotional understanding by the masses. A relationship is build, nurtured and then due to social unacceptability and pressure, it shatters. Their dreams, hopes, desires are of very much importance and sex is just a little part of the whole relationship. Not the only thing.

I hope India finally rises to accept the LGBT community, giving them their due.

by Tikuli Dogra


  1. Thank You Tim for such an honor. I hope our efforts will not go waste and people will finally give human life the respect it deserves.

    Thanks for appreciation of my other works too ..
    keep sharing your wonderful views.

  2. Thank you so much, tiku, for letting me post this here. I've often thought about trying to write something about this, but my anger always made those efforts too hectic to be readable.

    Your saner way of being passionate about this issue has soothed my brain a bit. I might try a little something.