Friday, July 10, 2009


Though having a form, Thou art formless. Without beginning, multiform by the power of Maya, Thou art the Beginning and the Destruction of all.
[paraphrasing D. Kinsley]

Many faces has the beautiful Kali.
Many faces has the terrible Kali.


O, Kali...

With four arms reaching out to pluck
the lotus flower of my heart,
you breathe upon the blossom's fading,
breath restoring life and fragrance.

Many faces has the beautiful Kali…

Charming, willing, cute, seductive,
fiery, coy, aloof, laughing,
enigmatic, wistful, tragic,
facets shifting, all erotic.


O, Kali…

With four arms reaching out to strangle
me who fell into Maya,
you confound one who covets
even one glance of regard.

Many faces has the terrible Kali…

Black, elusive, willful, changing,
awful, knowing, fangéd muse,
fiery, coy, aloof, laughing,
facets shifting, all despotic.


  1. absolutly stunning ..I feel like doing this in Hindi now that its done in English.. Facinating and a great read. I thinks Nabs also wrote one about my fav goddess. remarkable kali ..

  2. Yes she did, and it is wonderful. Far subtler than I could pull off. I suppose one would have to "be there" -- in India, I mean, to pick up those numinous vibes properly...and how they manifest in the physical world.

    Thank you for making me feel that I have contributed something to the mythos.