Sunday, July 28, 2013

the Korean War -- Chosin

In 1950, the UN forces at the Battle of Chosin Reservoir totaled 30,000, of which 80% were US Marines. Against them were arrayed 10 Chinese divisions totaling 67,000 troops. 

The UN forces were surrounded and cut off, in the freezing December conditions. Marine Fox Company was trapped in Toktong Pass for five days of brutal engagement. Eventually, break out and a fighting, walking retreat through Hell Fire Valley toward Koto-ri 60 miles away: frostbite, snipers, night attacks. Reciprocal assaults by Marines up mountain slopes to quell the Chinese, to protect the trucks bearing dead and wounded below.

The Korean War tends to get overlooked in the annals of US conflicts. The fighting was as vicious and difficult as in any war before or since. The stamina and courage of Marines against crushing odds were remarkable.

Chosin: The epic Korean War battle Hollywood overlooked

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