Wednesday, July 24, 2013

As far as philosophy goes...

...I'm only interested in those philosophers who touch the "other world" -- the bizarreness of Kant's thing-in-itself, the dark uncanny of Schopenhauer's numinous Will, the ecstatic absurd of Nietzsche's Dionysian, the haunting allure of Wittgenstein's "what can't be said," the abyssal "truth" of Heidegger's Being-of-beings.

I read philosophy more in the spirit of a plunge into Fairy Tale, an attempt to peek behind the veil of moribund, conventional phenomena. As opposed to an observing of rational constructions about substances of thought ready-to-hand (boring stuff, like logic, empiricism, ethics, whatnot).

And I would make a piss-poor scientist. I'd probably experiment by seeing what would happen if I loaded a Ferris wheel with howler monkeys and ran it backwards quick-march on Halloween midnight. Just to rule in or out anything hyper-ordinary. You just never know....

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