Friday, July 5, 2013

Mozart & Haydn

I'm as capable as anyone of getting my Mozart freak on. I adore his music, the melodic themes imprint deeply and are unforgettable. But I've slowly come to a certain opinion about it. Mozart's music is sort of "neurotic" in its self-similarity. It's as if a holistic and organic cloning takes place for the emergence of its materials -- structural and gestural. In short, Mozart's music sounds a little too much like Mozart's music.

So I'm going to make a radical statement: Haydn was the more original genius. His music doesn't seem or sound like a spiraling around an idiomatic strange attractor. It's always open, self-refreshing rather than self-echoing. I don't know exactly how to put it. All I know is that a different and more flexible listening space is made available with Haydn. Imagination and sensibility breathe more freely into the unexpected and flowing atmospheres of his evergreen creations.

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