Saturday, June 9, 2012

a poem by Apryl Skies

That Whiskey Blue Sway ~

the poem at Edgar Allan Poet

I read this poem this morning. I like this poem. The cadence of the lines purls and flows like measures of free jazz (and with a certain lilt of connotation drawing me in). So just as a poem per se -- a thing of technique, craft, and talent -- I like this poem.

It's even better when a poem arcs a moment of personal association or remembrance. I know someone who has a "whiskey blue sway." She can dance with a cigarette between her fingers and a red rose stem between her teeth. She is a living groove and glows with a hint of good madness.

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  1. good madness indeed. she & her work invite the reader to wonder/discover the source of inspiration of light of fragrance of preciousness. Apryl Skies causes the mind disequilibrium & refreshment to find familiar hosts, haunts, hives, of thought into her own kind of poety. Good find, Gents! Vox Anon

  2. This is one of my favorite pieces by Apryl Skies. I've always found this to be smoky brilliance. I can feel the sway and smoke in the air when I hear this one. A fantastic piece of work.

  3. Thank you, Vox Anon and Alicia, for dropping by the blog. And for sharing your appreciation of Apryl Skies's exceptional work.