Monday, June 18, 2012

I have been soul-blasted

I came across this image via News from the edge & beyond --

"Arnold Park -- Rochester, New York" 
Circa 1905

Here's the link of record: Shorpy

If you click on that link and then click on the image for enlargement to full size, perhaps your mind will also be blown.

I think this image is a poem waiting to materialize from someone's consciousness. A vision in language, an aesthetics of place and connotation is potential here for the imagining. 

For me, though, it's almost too overwhelming. At least for now. A thousand times a thousand impressions are latent, strange, or intermingling  inside my noggin. A texture of the actual and of longing somehow looms in the photographic weave. I would like to stroll these lanes in muted conversation.


  1. How ironic you chose this image from all the 1,000's on that website..I actually saved this one because I found it to be just a beautiful example of life..such serenity begs for more investigation.. Who lived behind those doors? What laughter spilled out into those streets, etc, etc.....

  2. I'm still trying to fathom why this image affects me so much. It may have as much to do with the texture of light falling through those immense leafy boughs as with questions or imaginings. And it's like a dream image -- the power of vacancy and just-so thereness.

    But it also does inspire a half-verbal wish to walk, ghost-like with another ghost on this old avenue.