Saturday, June 9, 2012

my pamphlet on Kandinsky (a letter-essay)

Concerning the Spiritual in Kandinsky

(letter to a friend, in the form of an essay)

by Tim Buck

Here's the link to ISSUU -- 

And here's the Preface from the pamphlet --


My computer died in the late fall of 2009. While waiting for parts and repair, I hand wrote a long letter to my friend in Israel. Actually, it was a letter in the form of an essay. When my computer was repaired, I typed up the letter-essay, and months later, that thing ended up on my blog.

Although I've been blogging for four years, it was only recently I found out I can monitor my audience statistics. I was surprised to discover that “Concerning the Spiritual in Kandinsky” had received 5000 pageviews. From a total of 24,000 pageviews across almost 600 posts, that's a significant number of “hits” for a single post.

Of course, mere pageviews are no indication of whether or not readers are actually reading the post, or if they are, whether or not they like what they encounter. I rarely get blog comments, so it's hard to tell about such things. It could very well be something like this: “Look at all these freaking paragraphs! Who does this guy think he is?” Or: “I can't believe I read this whole thing. What a bunch of googly-moogly malarkey!”

But if even 10% of those 5000 pageviews were actual and favorable encounters, that's an amazing hypothesis to me. It inspired me to take another gander at that essay. To tighten it up, fine-tune it. To see if, after a couple of years, I still agree with myself about certain things in it. And then I decided to upload it here, to ISSUU, in the form of a pamphlet.

Tim Buck
June 9th, 2012

[Correction: I've been blogging three, not four years.]


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