Monday, June 11, 2012

"News from the edge & beyond"

I suppose you'll just have to trust me. That this post is not about me. I'm almost pathologically non-self-promoting. My blog is mostly my dripping thoughts, only occasionally "Look what I did!" Yes, I do post links to My Projects -- poetry e-books, etc. -- but I don't much expect anyone to be impressed with my dubious, compulsive adventures in creativity.

Okay. Even though I found myself on this "Scoop it" literary newspaper --

-- the fact is that I simply enjoy the format and substance of this page. Lynne -- the publisher -- puts stuff on it about culture and whatnot that is groovy to scroll through. Art, literature, film...all kinds of stuff that she finds interesting and shares with the reader.

Maybe you, too, would like to spend some time there or make it a regular read. I will be dropping by there a lot. As I said, I like the format, and Lynne's selection of things is a nice clearinghouse or gathering-up of cool stuff.

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