Tuesday, June 19, 2012

a number of author blogs...

...are a big freaking yawn.

There's this one guy (name withheld) who posts things about his novels and short stories. Published and forthcoming. This author blog is so drenched with self-absorption as to nearly drown an unsuspecting reader. It's not so bad when the author is exemplary -- say, someone like Neil Gaiman. Not only has he gained a certain interesting stature, owing to real imaginative talent, but he is also cool, comports himself with a degree of self-irony. At least it seems that way to me. Mr. Gaiman also talks about other stuff that is not himself.

Of course an author blog is there to promote the author and his or her works. But self-absorbed self-commentary is excruciating to read. Going on and on about reviews your work has received -- implicitly patting yourself on the back for the favorable, complaining about the critical -- well, that's just unpleasant for the reader to behold.

Or what's worse, ladling in some extraneous opinion pieces about political stuff. Are you that big a deal yet to think your opinions would be of interest to me? I suppose it's a way for me to get to know you better. But your opinions are written without flair, come at topics from moribund angles. Be interesting and original or be quiet.

There's just got to be a better method of self-promotion than that.

How about posting other kinds of stuff, like music videos you like or talk about novels by others that light your fire? Or post pictures of flowers and kitty cats. Anything to break up the monotony of you droning in serious tones about yourself and how you see the world.


  1. Ah, I know of which you speak. I detest ego of any kind.It is such a wasted emotion (is it an emotion or thought, not quite sure)..I left The Book of Faces (AKA:Facebook) last fall because I literally felt saturated with everyone's bragging about this or that.. I do have a personal blog and it is what I call "the clothes-line" (not the name, although I like that)where I post everything from poetry, art, pictures of trips I've taken, humourous bits, it's a free for all..But not once do I promote or brag on myself in any way shape or form. (sorry for the long comment, This is almost a blog post in and of itself).. My point to this is blogs should be for entertainment, education, a bit of something out of the norm but a braggarts page.. I have zero time for that.. (my apologies to the owner of this blog for the very long winded comment)

  2. I like what you said. I agree that a blog should be a mixture of stuff, should offer some unusual things of possible interest. On my blog, I occasionally present or link to some things I've done, but I try to downplay the idea of promotion. Or look-at-meism.

  3. Of course, all blogs are an implicit form of here-I-amness. :)