Wednesday, August 1, 2012

the "strangest" thing

Owing to this and that, I fell into a certain mood. Needed a far-flung distraction.

So I got out some of my old Dr. Strange comic books. I've always enjoyed those things. I was reading the letter column in an issue from 1995. It was written by a fellow in Israel. It was a nice letter, earnest and locked into the Strange universe.

So I punched his name into Google. Discovered that he is now a corporate lawyer near Tel Aviv, an associate since 2006 of an apparently big-time office handling international transactions and securities and stuff.


How cool to think about this comic book reader -- Dr. Strange, no less! -- who is now involved with such a serious, complex, and responsible profession. I wonder if he has put the world of the Sorcerer Supreme behind him, or if he sometimes at night sneaks out his old comics to reread them. I wonder if he steps again with Stephen Strange across interdimensional portals and voids, to appear on the far side. Where the Mindless Ones are continuously shooting yellow death-beams out their blocky heads.

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