Saturday, August 18, 2012

imagine if Facebook...

...invaded the real world, out there on the street, as it were.

You used to only see or phone a few friends once or twice a week, or less. You used to exchange letters with a distant friend once a month, or less. You used to quietly reflect on things or have a hobby. Or worry about UFOs.

But now...Facebook.

If the behavior there was transposed to the street -- omg!

Friends swarming friends every five minutes, round the clock. Until everyone was basically nuts. Hundreds of people shoving posters and pictures in the faces of  friends and vague acquaintances. Non-stop political or positive-thinking blatheration. Emotional meltdowns and megaphone insinuations in naked public view. The sidewalks would overflow with unbridled expression, the cacophony spilling out into traffic lanes. A million poets causing the very sky to quake and boil.

Cops and psychiatrists would be called in. To arrest and counsel the newly unhinged.


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