Sunday, August 12, 2012

people believe...

...the most far-fetched things. Why? I don't know for sure, but I have my peculiar hypothesis.

All the weirdo stuff that is being believed is, at root, an unconscious expression of the Great Paranoia.

The sheer, brute, naked fact of actuality would be a shudderingly uncomfortable thing to confront. So deflection happens, the unanswerable question gets subsumed into various belief systems. The mind frays itself into strands and fibers of nonsense. As a way to keep the soul-blasting riddle from appearing in consciousness.

All this stuff -- religion, atheism, the Illuminati, sports, UFOs, capitalism, ghosts, Marxism, mermaids, positive energy, Wicca, analytic philosophy, Big Foot, luck, the Singularity, agnosticism, TED lectures, Carl Jung......the list goes on and on.

Anything and everything to keep the pulsing shadow of incomprehensible thatness beat back with a bamboo cane. It's about our many symptoms of existential paranoia.

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