Sunday, August 5, 2012

other situations

It's best to turn yourself into a ghost or phantom. If you want to explore the oddness of other situations.

Okay. Do it now.


Now float inside your head. Until you see some people gathered in a room. The center of this gathering is someone you know or don't know very well. Maybe an internet friend. So you want to sense what it's like to be in that person's milieu. You don't really want to know what it's like as such. Rather you want to experience, hypothetically, how pleasurably tragic and odd it would be to not be an integral part of that milieu.

If I were a French philosopher, I would frame it with special words, like "difference." I would make up phrases like "abyssal frisson" or "null spectacle" or "the opiate of infinite separation" or "exquisite cruxness of unbelonging."

Think of it!

It would be like walking into a strange house that smells like a strange house. This is not your house.

While you are floating invisibly on the ceiling, you look down and observe the others. Their gestures would be almost extra-terrestrial. A semiotics of dreamy insularity. The conversation would be in words you know, yet the meanings would be dubious or unavailable. You will feel wonderfully miserable, wincingly fascinated. Aloof and adrift, almost illicit.

Well...the above is what I was thinking about just now.

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