Saturday, August 11, 2012

gobsmackingy awesome, man!......

One of those moments that stop you utterly in your tracks. You must simply look on and be stricken with amazement.

Here's the deal.

"Eternity" is about to zap Doctor Strange to smithereens. But there is an intervention. The deceased Ancient One (the doctor's old mentor), who has become one with eternity, grasps the forearm of Eternity himself. Thus preventing a cosmically rash act.

From page 26 of Doctor Strange #13 (1976)

Eternity, by the way, is the all-powerful personification and reification of, well, eternity. Everything that ever was or will be is somehow contained within his spacey, metaphysical provenance and unusual depths (even when they're standing outside his bizarre figure).

Here he is being all powerful and stuff with Dr. Strange:

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