Thursday, August 2, 2012

a cynical rant

About all those law office commercials on TV. Ostensibly to represent you and Help You Out, if you have mesothelioma or are growing alien tentacles or whatever horrible thing some industry has infected you with.

I have no idea what I'm talking about. I'm just ranting based on an intuition.

I suspect that those law offices have no intention of targeting a corporate-industrial villain. Those law offices are there strictly to target you. To Rip You Off.

Whatever the large or fine print on any contract might seem to suggest. Whatever kind of smooth talk you are met with. That fine print will be an artful, semantically flexible text. That smooth talk will have been honed via psychological black-ops criteria.

Those law offices, I suspect, will not pursue any legal recourse on your behalf. You will be met with months of obfuscation. And disconcerting smiles with hyper-gleaming teeth.You will end up paying for services and stuff (subsidiary filings, tangential research) that you are, on the front end, led to believe you would not have to pay for.

The whole thing is a construct to Rip You Off.

Nothing is for your benefit. It's all set up to hoodwink you. To drain you. Nothing is what it seems. Things are afoot to suck out your juices and leave you a quivering husk.

The whole mesothelioma deal just smells. I smell it straight through the TV screen.

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