Wednesday, July 4, 2012


Sometimes, a soul is encountered who makes a deep and lasting impression.

This person is inspiring and opens up a unique sense of world. When someone like this appears, life takes on a new color, glows with a quality similar to a resonant poem or poignant sonata. Time is deepened by knowing that person. Such a one enriches duration with a faint dreamlike aspect, something akin to fantasy or the uncanny. Something like hopefulness draws you toward them and gathers around you, intervening against despair or lostness.

You feel like you have known that friend forever. How dreadful never to have encountered such a person.

Their manner of expressing themselves is not ordinary, so you hang on every syllable. Yes, it is uncanny. At first you think "How wonderful. Someone who understands and appreciates me." But that's not really the thing. The frisson of such a feeling soon dissipates, and you begin to realize something else is happening. It's not really about the absurd vortex of your ego.

It's actually about gaining privileged access to another world. It's less about you and your needs than moving into a different mode of being. New impressions are breaths of exotic air. You are altered by contact with  someone who is almost a form of human magic. That sense of hopefulness they inspire is about becoming gradually reconciled to the mystery of time. Even to the baffling prospect of death. A form of muted and harmonious stoicism. The temporal dimension expands into metaphysical sublimity rather than into an environment for narcissistic grasping. You have touched a remarkable aspect of being, and that makes things worthwhile.

Maybe that is, though, the fulfillment of an unsuspected need. But it seems more an exposure to a beautiful riddling equation. The ego, id, and superego are obscured by a wonderful stupefaction. One might even attempt to capture this change of spirit across the lines of a poem. If you can accomplish that by sublimating the energy into a different theme, so much the better.

This person owes you nothing, because you are mostly nothingness. There would be something awry in the laws of the cosmos if this person found you of more than passing interest. So you are entitled to no expectation. When the one happens to make an appearance, it is a surprise, fiat, beatitude.

Even if you lose touch with such a one, the effect of their personality remains. Such a soul is unforgettable. The halls of memory echo a soft tonality of remembrance.


  1. Remembrance is my truest soul mate. My hope is for all humanity to have such encounters and be able to absorb the true meaning of such interactions vs expectations. I have no expectations from people and am rarely disappointed yet blessed with knowing and having had such encounters.
    Nice words well express Mr Buck.

  2. Thanks, Lynne.

    I've slowly realized that life has an aspect of transience. You can't hold onto what moves to its own rhythm. Just like you say: "blessed with knowing and having had such encounters."