Monday, July 30, 2012

Badiou said:

…for me, given that the void of Being only occurs at the surface of a situation by way of the event, chance is the very matter of truth. And just as truths are singular and incomparable, so the fortuitous events from which they originate must be multiple and separated by a void.

That sounds far-out and cool to me. Mainly because I take it out of context. 

Badiou's Event has to do with rare, monumental occurrences that change things (ways of thinking, being) on a large scale. The new irruption brings unique truth to perception. And he contemplates being as non-univocal, not as a One, but rather as discrete "quanta" -- pure multiplicity (that's so freaking groovy and bizarre). 

But I prefer to daydream into that quote above in this manner: whether or not being is one or many, I like the notion of a void separating situational surfaces, with chance the deep law and play of life. Even of "insignificant" situations.

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