Tuesday, July 10, 2012


I wrote some stuff about William Crawford's first book of poems -- Fire in the Marrow. Here's the announcement poster for Will's second book -- Actual Tigers -- to be released in October of this year by Edgar & Lenore's Publishing House:

Here's the webpage: Actual Tigers at Edgar Allan Poet
And the Facebook page: Actual Tigers on Facebook

I'm looking forward to this release. Crawford's poems don't preen and are not pretentious. They are honest x-rays of emotional, lived-through situations. The lines are irradiated pulses that project onto a glowing page the images and states of actual souls, actual interiors of heartful consciousness. This is not easy work and is not for the unskilled or untalented. To go this deep into lives and moments must have an effect on the writer. Gamma sweat beads must surely drip from Crawford's seeking, cathartic pen.

So...when the book comes out, I'll post something again. Just alerting My Dripping Brain friends about something special on the burning bright horizon.