Thursday, July 26, 2012

Regina Walker -- photographer

Regina captures unusual aspects and impressions of New York City. To me, it's like visual free jazz. I "hear" a cool drum kit wrapped in cigarette smoke and a loping, schizophrenic bass and a piano ruminating its odd urban moods.

Form, texture, and color accomplish their pure abstract effects in her photographs. But I think it's more about what is implicit beneath the objective or the brute aesthetic. Maybe something about time, anguish, transient gaiety, equivocal mood.

Yes, she photographs inanimate spirits right out in broad daylight! And sometimes, you think you are seeing things -- a random splatter or rusted object or peeling plaster seems to morph into the vision of a creature or ghost or Renaissance angel.

Regina is a real nice person. Her mind is deep, and she is cool.

Here's a link to some of her work:

Here's her page:

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