Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Sandman #51

In the Vol. 8 trade paperback -- World's End -- of Neil Gaiman's The Sandman, you will find the story "A Tale of Two Cities." It appeared as Issue #51 during the regular series run.

Someone must say something about that story. I think it is a special thing, and the artwork is really cool. In part of the story, the artwork becomes sort of like German Expressionism.

I pulled this issue off the rack in 1993 and flipped through the pages. I was hooked, sucked in, persuaded. That artwork made me feel weird and that day became good. It seemed I had stumbled onto a secret left there just for me. As if there were an aesthetic code built into the images, whispering to me: "I am here, just for you."

Here's part of a page from that issue:

I bought that comic book. I went home and relished every dang page. It was my first exposure to this series by Gaiman. 

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