Monday, December 9, 2013

Who would win in a swordfight...

...the probabilistic Blaise Pascal or the cognitively dissonant Miguel de Unamumo?

Pascal wagered on belief -- just in case there's a God on the other side of reality. Unamuno suggested paradoxical faith -- live as if there's a God, even though there isn't.

I think the Spaniard would win, because Spaniards are hot-blooded and tilty. I mean, would you really choose a lisping Musketeer with a feathered hat over Inigo Montoya?

No contest.


  1. "The vanity of the passing world and love are the two fundamental and heart-penetrating notes of true poetry. And they are two notes of which neither can be sounded without causing the other to vibrate. The feeling of the vanity of the passing world kindles love in us, the only thing that triumphs over the vain and transitory, the only thing that fills life again and eternalizes it." --found via Wikiquotes. Again, gratitude for introducing me to another writer.

    1. That is a really nice quote. Thank you!