Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Time has a way...

...of moving certain souls toward a condition of silence. That movement involves a gradual shedding of vanity, pathology, and delusion. What's beneath the world, beneath language is more genuine than masks of form, substance, and saying. People are amorphous, pronouncements transient and hollow. Silence is solid.


  1. Perhaps silence is the shadow delineating form, the night to which speech is the day. At times silence appears to me as a river; one could drown in it, or find a way to swim, or as the interior of a glass cage, from which one yearns to emerge, but ah! this I know: that there are treasures to be found in silence.

  2. Well said. And whatever else silence is, it seems to be a place with rooms of the real, or nearly real. A kind of authenticity.