Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Nikolai Leskov

An article in The Irish Times:

1831 - 1895

I once wrote a commentary on Walter Benjamin's commentary on Leskov's storytelling. I don't remember where it is. 

I do remember that I thought my commentary was possibly profound and somehow knowledgeable, even though I'd never read Leskov. How silly! Or maybe how lax and remiss it was of me not to have sought mental treatment for my peculiar condition of reckless graphomania.

The Enchanted Wanderer & Other Stories


  1. Great article on Leskov by Benjamin. One of my favorite tales by Leskov is On the Edge of the World, a satirical tale in which a bishop goes on all sorts of adventures with, is rescued from freezing by a Siberian native called Kiriak, who, if I recall the text, actually guts an animal and has him go and curl up inside the carcass. If I have some extra time, I might read The Enchanted Wanderer myself, I found it free online.

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  3. I recommend this one as well.