Wednesday, August 28, 2013

metamorphosis in the key of Miles Davis (for Kris)

The gods and angels are written
in Assyrian, Chaldean, Hebrew
by old scribes still remembering
the dream syntax of Gilgamesh.

Who will keep the gods alive
and wings resilient gleaming,
when wheels of breathless time
crack open faint and distant stars?

The invisible host will be changed
by strange art into new substance.
Blue host into green measures....

And cities felt the temple tones
of slow rain Saturday afternoons.
Private detectives in Fairlanes
noticed their lit Lucky Strikes
curling smoke holy and ghostly.
Rain fell jazz, a hidden theme
of substance changing substance.
Cities and their haunted people
felt a shift in the key of days.

The gods are safe and angels listen
to how a wing can shimmer time.

~ TB, 2013

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