Friday, August 16, 2013

I was transported to the riverbank

Some people consider this a children's book. After all, Kenneth Grahame wrote it for his children (or so he said). 

I wasn't exposed to it until I was 28 years old -- 1980. It was an early autumn afternoon. I was listening to the radio -- the local university station, with a tie-in to NPR. The actor David McCallum was reading chapters from the book. I didn't know what hit me! There's no way to describe the fantastical mood I was cast into. Mes-mer-ized.

When I soon got my hands on the actual book, army tanks and bazookas could not have pried it from my hands. This book is almost too much of a good thing for me. I've not recovered since.


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  2. I maintain an abiding affection for Moley and Ratty--and even silly Toad and the Badger-- we must keep those polecats at bay for the sake of friendship. I read it in the 1980's, too, but don't remember exactly which year. It's like Herman Hesse without the German-ness.