Wednesday, August 21, 2013

I found myself...

...thinking about Beethoven's 4th Symphony. The one Schumann referred to as "a slender gorgeous maiden between two nordic giants." Sometimes, a guy doesn't want to listen to anything too heavy, metaphysical, dramatic. Sometimes, a fella just wants to hear music for music's sake. Form and color. Shape and substance. Absolute music -- a movement of architectural sound through time and imaginary space.

I'm thinking about Erich Leinsdorf conducting the Boston Symphony Orchestra in the 1960s. I like the fact that this recording is not considered one of the greatest or "definitive" renditions. I like the fact that it's well played, sounds good, is more than serviceable. It doesn't make you get distracted with awe like you would if it were the Vienna Philharmonic. 

It's been maybe three years since I last listened to this CD. I need to go pull it from the shelf.

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