Thursday, August 22, 2013

Alfred Schnittke -- Concerto for Mixed Chorus

Composer Alfred Schnittke's music is unusual, therefore it's something I dig the heck out of. For me, the religious aspects of his Concerto for Mixed Chorus can be mostly set aside (or universalized into a vaguely mystical region of imagining). 

Some choral music has a darkly mysterious effect on me. It's a special way of being temporarily transported to who-knows-where. 

I think these are indeed the first two (of four) movements. It's hard to be sure, because this first one (below) is around seven minutes, whereas other first movements listed on YouTube are twice that long. I don't know what to make of it -- I assume there is only one choral concerto by Schnittke. Or perhaps the first movement (below) is only a fragment of the actual whole movement? I'm posting this one rather than other first movements on YouTube because I like the sound and quality of this chorus.

Anyway, here's something about this piece:

Going Toward the Light: Shadow Sounds in Schnittke's Concerto for Mixed Chorus 

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