Saturday, June 29, 2013

concerning Baudrillard

A friend recently brought to my attention a philosopher I sort of like and intend to explore further -- Jean Baudrillard. 

It has been declared: Baudrillard's philosophy owes something to 'Pataphysics, that it was an early influence and shaped aspects of his later concepts. Since I've been interested in René Daumal since the seventies, I have a natural affinity for 'Pataphysics-type stuff. Jarry and his Ubu. The absurd and the surreal.

Here's an essay by Baudrillard:


This type of thing is certainly not for everyone. I would almost feel sorry for anyone (like I sympathize with myself) who slipped into this crazy mode of thinking about the world. Beneath the bluff and nonsense of 'Pataphysics, though, is maybe something darkly vital and hyper-philosophical. At the very least, it's a certain way of tilting at abysses.

"Such is the unique imaginary solution to the absence of problems."

So yes. With Baudrillard's 'Pataphysical infection in mind, I will be reading and pondering what he came to think about the world himself. I'll see what it does to me.

1929 - 2007

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