Wednesday, September 19, 2012

the rare one

There exist those rare ones who touch your imagination in a profound way. Yes, I said "in a profound way." But not just because that phrase "in a profound way" slides off the tongue so smoothly and pleasantly. I'm talking about how you can gather in an impression that permanently alters your being in space and time.

To think of spending 24 hours with such a one -- from noon to noon. No film could capture the effect. A poem might yield aspects and faint textures. A dream comes closer, because a dream is an unhinged thing -- the opening opens and the unexpected blooms so strangely.

From noon to noon, a gathering of enhanced moments. A permanent reorientation to world surely would occur. There exist those rare ones who probably don't even know they are latent centers from which new dimensions and modes of consciousness can open for another.

Human relationships are such a mystery. Some are profound. As if the aura of an intimation of a mood of a ghost has found its haunting way into an astounded soul. I'm not sure the universe is large enough to contain all the layers of poetic subtlety.   

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