Sunday, September 23, 2012

3 more days!

We get so densed-up with metabolized function and perception. That's why certain poetry is pretty cool: it peels away varieties of normality and allows in angles of eccentric, surreal, and freeing light to stimulate the usually dormant imagination.   

Will Crawford's new book of poems Actual Tigers is pacing and is about to spring -- on September 26th.

I think his poems are worth experiencing.  

This is a book of poetry by William Crawford. Copies are available for pre-order at Edgar & Lenore's Publishing House (contact info).

From poet Jacqueline Corcoran's review:

Sometimes ethereal, others candid, noble, humane, refined, idealistic, serious-minded yet gracious, at times breathtakingly beautiful, and all tempered with a warm down-to-earthiness; you reach a vantage point, in this collection, from which to view life without the heavy blinkers of conventional limits. 

This is Will:

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