Sunday, September 30, 2012

sneaky mysterious spammers

I've noticed for some time in my blogger statistics that I'm getting a lot of traffic "hits" from odd-seeming sites. It may be the case that these are spammers. It may also be the case that hardly anyone but spammers are actually interested in my blog. How deluded I've probably been to think people are actually viewing my posts! Ha.

I don't know what these odd links mean. I tried to research the problem, but all the info is too technical and over my head.

Spammers may be doing something behind my back on this blog. Maybe they are somehow linking all kinds of unholy crap to my few actual readers here. I hope not.

Why can't people just do the right thing? Why would anyone stoop to spamming, to scheming like a demented skunk? Why do spammers have such rotten minds and empty souls?

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