Saturday, November 2, 2013

a problem of substance

Let the monumental go dim!
I'm not infatuated with Paris.
Let that city be an afterthought,
retreating into mist and gestures.
Paint me instead one black lamp
standing glassy and almost real.
Paint me what's beneath umbrellas,

the wet thoughts of eternal people
gathering for the sake of enigma,
who breathe in equivocal autumn
and turn their backs on structure.

Autumn in Paris
copyright © the artist Dusan Djukaric

~ TB, 2013


  1. substance may be overrated; or perhaps it is best considered as a container; it may yet be that substance is not the problem, but it is the senses that must be trained to look/not look, and yet see, comprehend

  2. PS I like this a lot; it does not shame me for not having visited Paris (gratitude to the quote from Bloy).