Thursday, November 14, 2013

stupid Freemasonry

High officials in the Russian Provisional Government (before and after the February Revolution) were in secret Freemasonry alliance with high officials in the French government. Their mutual weirdo oaths of support precluded the Provisional Government from seeking a peace treaty with the Germans.

So the war continued, which led to heightened unrest, which led to Lenin and his ilk gaining popular support. And the displacement of the Provisional Government.

What led to the February Revolution and the transition out of tsarism? Mass poverty. What exacerbated that condition? War. With the war ended, the Provisional Government would have had the military at home for civil discipline, social order. Deprivation and desperation would have eased somewhat. There would have been a certain amount of time for new a institution of governance to cohere, to have strengthened in the popular imagination.

With great social unrest at home, Russia didn't have the luxury of time and resources to continue participating in an international military adventure.

If the Provisional Government -- Kerensky and his ilk -- had sued for peace with Germany, then the nascent quasi-Democratic/Republican crowd would have retained power. That would have precluded the eventual rise of Stalin.

The mass atrocities of Stalin can be laid at the feet of those air-headed, lisping Freemasons.

[This stuff was brought to my attention while reading Nina Berberova's The Italics Are Mine.]

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