Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Don't think for a minute...

...I can be dragged into a poem that uses certain infuriating pronouns. Maybe on rare occasions, "I" is okay, if used as a self-absurdity.

Don't use the following pronouns, these words like a sweaty arm slung around my shoulder, these words with a conspiratorial inflection that try to lure me into some boring personal experience or impression:


I don't know your "you", and I don't care about your "we" and your "our." Get over yourself and write beyond a mincing, self-absorbed pronoun reality.

It's presumptuous and an affectation. Don't use this technique on me. Don't get pushy or cozy with me.

Good god! You'll find these obnoxious and aesthetically dead pronouns in all the "prestigious" poetry journals these days. When did this awfulness become fashionable and ubiquitous? It must stop. Right now.

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