Wednesday, October 30, 2013

time is crazy-weird

This -- from Gurdjieff's book Beelzebub's Tales to His Grandson -- is very strange, almost impossible to interpret, therefore it makes much more sense than physicists' opinions about the nature or essence of time:
Only Time alone has no sense of objectivity because it is not the result of the fractioning of any definite cosmic phenomena. And it does not issue from anything, but blends always with everything and becomes self-sufficiently independent; therefore, in the whole of the Universe, it alone can be called and extolled as the ’Ideally-Unique-Subjective-Phenomenon.’ 
Thus, my boy, uniquely Time alone, or, as it is sometimes called, the ‘Heropass,’ has no source from which its arising should depend, but like ‘Divine-Love’ flows always, as I have already told you, independently by itself, and blends proportionately with all the phenomena present in the given place and in the given arisings of our Great Universe.


  1. Not a huge Gurdjieff fan, although I'll read almost any book out of curiosity. His sort has lost its lustre with me: the strong, charismatic personality type infected by its own magnetism, addicted to overwhelming and seducing followers. I will admit that he wrote some interesting bits of prose.

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    2. Despite accounts, impressions, and appearances, I think he was a genuinely (objectively?) compassionate being. Possibly one of the most such ever. Just my opinion.

    3. Perhaps, and perhaps. I would be willing to suspend disbelief. This I do think is important, that he acted as a bridge from East to West.