Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Some dreams...

...are stranger than strange. At least that's my opinion. Those stranger-than-strange dreams are rare ones. How can I describe them? I'll probably make a mess of trying to describe them. But I'll proceed by the seat of my pants.

I suspect that we absorb more "data" than we realize. I think consciousness is a vast and baffling reservoir of collected experience and impressions. I think we know more subconsciously than we realize.


some rare dreams bring into "awareness" that hyper-subtle data we don't know is there when awake. Someone of our acquaintance will appear in a dream in a seemingly uncharacteristic way -- their mannerisms and reactions to your dreaming self contradict how we assumed their attitude toward us to be.

Is that merely crazy-quilt dream invention, sleeping paranoia? I suspect not. I suspect that is our deeper mind bringing to our sleeping mind a true image based on hyper-subtle information.

Someone who we think, when we're awake, has a favorable attitude toward us is revealed in the dream as having a contrary disposition toward us.

You wake up and can be quite hurt from this new realization. But then you can also marvel at the large aptitude and unexpected talent of your hidden mind.    

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