Thursday, May 19, 2011

when it happens

It's only happened a few times.
And it comes completely of itself.
You can't strain and make it pop
and be there. It is a sly thing.
Nothing else but a chair or sofa
or a floor or a surface of wall
can hold the happening so well...

when it happens.

If God himself stared at his recliner
and that thing decided to show itself,
God would be nonplussed and shaken,
at least I'm almost sure God would be.

It rarely ever comes to me.
But when it does it seems
all things are simply there
beyond any explanation.


  1. I know "it" is meant to be vague...but I so want to know....THAT THING. Oh I've got my thing....different than yours, or hers, or his...and Hells Bells...I can't birth it, as much as I try. Can't manufacture it, or purchase such a thing. I suppose that's what makes me so grateful for the few.

  2. It's sort of like staring at one of those trick drawings which reverse perspectives. But you can't will the change of image. It comes on its own.

    Sometimes, for me, a couch or chair will give it up -- the unfathomable "inside" of its bare "suchness". Any object can release this, but it's a rare phenomenon for me. To experience the infinite depth of something merely being, beyond physics and metaphysics.

  3. Physics and metaphysics are seemingly just a jumping off point to all we don't know or understand. Knowledge is infinite. "Suchness". I LIKE it! Good word.

  4. I think it's Zen word, or something. :)