Sunday, May 15, 2011

dada haiku

The wind performing
through small bones of my wind chimes --
monkey gets the joke.


  1. An aside....I hate those blasted word verifications. I forget I have to do them and press enter. My comment is erased.

    Let's see...what is it I way saying...
    Ah yes! Another one of those word gifts..."small bones of wind chimes"

    I can see them. They are ethic and antiquated. One hanging from the neck of a shaman. I've a male and female skeleton from which the wind speaks in two octaves.

    Reminds me of a short I wrote and stored in my secret attic:

    Hey you!

    My silence is shouting!

    The dog heard
    (I think)
    for she scratched an ear.

  2. That's good stuff! I like your short a lot. I picture a living room -- with dog -- where spirits of different orders and textures are not meeting.