Thursday, May 19, 2011


Whatever the bird is saying
to the fixed fact of his day,
wheedling a reeded melody
or dark-limbed expression
from flute or picolo tongue...

he is turning around what he is.

And if a fish swims in a blue circle,
massaged by a spiraling current...

he is turning to always face his god.

Higher up goes the Ferris wheel,
until it drops the heart to depths.
And the passenger is changing cars,
in mid-air climbing through structure
to get a fix on one revolving view...

he is turning because of drunkenness.

Turning, turning...always to face
the curving fact as it slides away.


  1. Speaking of metaphysics...seems as if so many "facts" are ever changing curvatures that are removed and replaced in yearly textbooks. I despise ferris wheels. They scare the sh*t out of me actually. My son also. When he was four, we took him on a ferris wheel and he was so frightened he tried to climb out. We were holding him in by one arm. You gave that thing a creepy feel here...and I concur.

  2. Yep. Those things can be nerve-wracking. :)

  3. Use of ferris wheel here most effective, not only in the context of the poem but because I think it evokes a lot of diverse emtions in people.

    Nicely done.

  4. Thanks for reading, Jamie, and I'm glad to get your feedback!