Sunday, June 28, 2009

to a lunatic

You are half a world away from me tonight. And half a world away in years. How can I communicate with you? Through an electronic satellite? No...that only gets part of the message through.

Another satellite orbits.

I shall transmit to the moon, and it will receive what I feel. The moon cares not for space and time. It is a moving, dreaming sponge...soaking up wishes and unspoken words. It doesn't care that I am old and that you are young. It doesn't care about the languages of Earth.

Tonight, the moon will take my thoughts and translate them. Then transmit them to you. Purely, transparently...on the wind of gravity.

And you will know my heart.


  1. And your posts have my heart! I have become a big time fan of your writings.

  2. And I have become a big time fan of your comments! : )

    Really...thank you so much.

  3. And I thought only the wind in the trees might form such musical phrases.