Sunday, June 28, 2009

on Serbia

I have a cool Facebook friend from Serbia, and I've spent the last hour reading information on Wikipedia, etc., about that country and its fascinating history. Talk about turmoil! Serbia has been a volatile East-West crossroads through the centuries, its culture enriched by so many influences. Reading about all the rulers, Medieval conflicts, and struggles for independence, my head is still spinning.

This land-locked country is refreshed by the beautiful Danube River, and I like to imagine young Serbian lovers, strolling along its bank in the evening...under a ruined castle's shadows......well, I imagine their hearts are pumping a rich, passionate blood. That blood flows from many tributaries: Slavic, Roma, and other sources, blending together from time immemorial.

I like my new Facebook friend. Her eyes have a depth and soulfulness that tell me more, perhaps, about Serbia than any text I could read.

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