Friday, March 21, 2014

I'm not interested... experimental and conceptual poetry. I'm not interested in any kind of self-conscious, "political"-Dada junk somehow construing itself as poetry. 

What a pretentious waste of time and energy. What a parade of theorizing pipsqueaks! Apparently, the phrase "real aesthetics" would send them into fits of indignant convulsion. Their stuff makes me tense and bored -- quite the odd combination.

I'm interested in luminous soul states, in melancholy symbol states that only a genuine artist can make happen on the page. I'm interested in the poems of Adam Zagajewski.

Unseen Hand: Poems


  1. There is something in this poem of AZ's that reminds me of Marina Tsvetaeva's writing:

    I Wasn't in This Poem

    I wasn't in this poem,
    only gleaming pure pools,
    a lizard's tiny eye, the wind
    and the sounds of a harmonica
    pressed to not my lips.