Thursday, March 13, 2014

a quiet sophistication

Some people -- through an unknown law of nature or magic -- stick in your consciousness. It's really an unusual phenomenon. I say "stick," but it's more like an elastic echo returning at random moments across various segments of duration. Even weirder is that those who are the quietest conjure the profoundest echo.

I have a friend who lives in Norway. What a country! Ridiculously sublime mountains and waters. From my perspective here at a secret outpost in Arkansas, Norway is as exotic as Old Japan.  

My friend is Russian. How in the world did my friend end up in Norway? It's one of life's great mysteries.

My friend impresses with a quiet sophistication and a tendency to subtle mirth. Seeing into things with unusual vision and smiling at the occasional absurd are cool ways of being.

My friend is more sophisticated than I am. Whether a text, a painting, or a vocalise, my friend extracts from them a nuanced essence that is beyond my Arkansas detection equipment.'s really a fool's errand, trying to describe aspects of a being who is sensitive to seasons in Norway, who pays attention to eccentric moods of Nordic flowers, who is elusively Russian, and who is preternaturally not a nihilist. 


  1. Thank u, dear Tim..i read yout blog often not comment but i read..u post always smart and sensitive things that i your taste...hope u r doing well and mire relaxed out of fb area...:))

    1. Hi, Olga! I'm glad you occasionally drop by. I'm doing okay. Thanks. I guess you're anticipating a lovely northern springtime.

  2. How refreshing, to read of friendship and artistic vision in one sitting.

  3. yes, Spring has arrived to Bergen.. lovely time :)) take care of yourself:)