Thursday, September 26, 2013

Maurice Blanchot

1907 - 2003

From Wikipedia about his thought on language:
Literary language, therefore, is a double negation, both of the thing and the idea. It is in this space that literature becomes possible where words take on a strange and mysterious reality of their own, and where also meaning and reference remain allusive and ambiguous.

Blanchot himself:
And what language is (not what it means, not the form in which it says what it means), what language is in its being, is that softest of voices, that nearly imperceptible retreat, that weakness deep inside and surrounding every thing and every face - what bathes the belated effort of the origin and the dawnlike erosion of death in the same neutral light, at once day and night.  

There's something about what was inside this fellow's head that is interesting to me and that warrants further pondering by me.

Here's a book:

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Here's an article:

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