Sunday, September 1, 2013

a different perspective

I'm bored to smithereens with dead celebrities -- the neurotically ambitious, the shallow dazzlers, the fated lucky, the power mongers.

I'm for setting aside a solid year during which only the nondescript and utterly forgotten are commemorated and memorialized. 

The accountant (1895 - 1965) who led a life of murmuring uneventfulness, yet who felt things beyond the pale and who did his quiet duty in life.

The librarian (1910 - 1975) who led a life of books and thoughtful accommodation, who dreamed of far lands and sea-ship passage before succumbing to fatal ennui.

Those everyday faded people were no less substantial beings and worthy of words than the sensational and the trumpeted. Someone should research brittle oxidizing obituaries, write a million biographies of the unassuming dead, bring back to life textures of souls in hidden time.

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